Stratton Contracting was set up ten years ago to supply a range of high-quality contracting services with each season. Winter can see them battling freezing temperatures clearing snow but come summer and it’s full-on baling of silage, hay and straw with their fleet of balers.

William produces around 16,000 bales a year with the MF 4160 V which he bought from local MF dealer, A M Phillips. It provides all the flexibility required to suit Stratton’s diverse customer base and is equipped with 13 knives, 2.25m pick-up and Varionet net wrapping.

“Size and density of bales are important plus the ability to produce a tidy bale with net wrap right to the edge,” he explains. “The variable chamber on the baler is ideal as it enables us to satisfy differing customer needs. We produce bales from 4-5ft.”

“For me the top feature of the baler is its crop intake feed which enables us to keep productivity up. The firmness of the bales produced keeps our customers happy.”

MF RB balers are equipped with an innovative camless pick-up which lifts the crop gently and efficiently, conveying it directly into the rotor. Optimum feeding is ensured with a crop roller minimising losses and pre-compressing the swath ahead of the pick-tines.

“We change bale density regularly,” William adds. “This ranges from baling silage on a high density setting with a hard core to baling hay on a low density with a soft core when the weather is not onside. As for maintenance, greasing of the baler is relatively simple with banks of nipples for most of the machine.”

MF RB Series balers not only come with a reputation for making superb, consistent bales and also for their high-quality construction.

“The MF 4160 V has a good history based on the Welger design,” William remarks. “It’s a well-built baler and has been very reliable.”

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