Best-in-class customer service

‘MF Always Running, Your Courtesy Fleet’ provides a temporary replacement machine to ensure owners can continue working with minimum interruption to maximise uptime while their tractors are being serviced or repaired.

With MF Always Running participating Massey Ferguson dealers provide customers with a range of courtesy tractors - from 100hp to 400hp – including general purpose workhorses and arable specialists right up to the flagship MF 8700 S Series.


At Massey Ferguson we know our customers can’t stop until the job is done and MF Always Running ensures the need for maintenance or repairs won’t stop operations. Massey Ferguson tractor owners will be quickly back up and running with a replacement tractor – but not just any tractor, it will be the latest model equipped to the specifications they need to get the job done.

Straightforward and dependable service

The MF Always Running courtesy tractor fleet includes a wide range of models, which are selected by dealers to cover the widest customer needs in its local area:

All the below come equipped with Dyna 6 or Dyna-VT transmission, full MF Guidance, front linkage with spool valves.

* Please contact your local Massey Ferguson Dealer to check availability in your area. Terms and conditions apply that might vary according the market or country.

Livestock/ dairy/ mixed

100hp-130hp sector

Mixed farm

140hp-180hp sector

Arable farm


Arable/ contractor

200hp-260hp sector

Arable/ contractor

270hp-405hp sector

MF 5713 S, 130hp MF 6718 S, 175hp MF 7718 S, 180hp MF 7720 S, 200hp MF 8732 S, 320hp
       MF 7719 S, 190hp MF 7726 S, 255hp MF 8740 S, 400hp


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