Our MF Care Packages offer complete ease of ownership

MF Care is a way for you to fix your costs at point of purchasing your Massey Ferguson machine, ensure optimum performance and guarantee efficiency and maximise the residual value of your machine. Our MF Care service solutions can be personalised to suit your payment and operating hour requirements.

The Benefits of MF Care Packages

MF Care Packages





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the different packages

Regular maintenance contracts

The Service Package includes all prescribed maintenance work on the basis of fixed prices.

Repair contracts

Extended warranty contracts which offers security against repair costs (except wear). Deductible tariffs are bookable as an option.

Machine type



Regular maintenance *

Repair cost




Option: 0, 190, 490


* The list price stated by AGCO refers solely to the extended warranty and doesn't include maintenance.

MF Care Gold components covered for tractors:

Engine Basic Engine, Engine Auxiliaries Intake & Exhaust System, Engine Electrical Parts, Engine Cooling System, Fuel Supply System. Electrical Electrical Systems, Power Train Transmission, Differential, PTO, Axles and Final Drives Transmission Oil Coolers. Steering and Brakes Brake components not affected by friction such as brake lines, valves, pedals, Steering, Steering Cylinders. Hydraulics Hydraulic System, Frame, Members, Shields. Miscellaneous Frame, Non-driven Axles Hubs & Bearings. Operator’s Station Monitors, Operator Controls, Operator Station (Cab, Platform).

MF offers a comprehensive and efficient range of services

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