Organised from August 20th, 2021 to September 3, 2021



Article 1 - General Organisation

The MASSEY FERGUSON EME Marketing department of AGCO SAS, head office located at 41 Blaise Pascal Avenue in Beauvais, is organizing the “Trelleborg Quiz” from 20th August, 2021 to September 3, 2021 inclusive, a free and no-obligation game contest for the general public.

Contest rules are located on the following websites:


Article 2 - Capacity - Territorial scope

Only the participants from European and Middle Eastern countries (except countries subject to trade restrictive measure) are eligible to participate.

Only farmers & agricultural enterprises are allowed to win in this competition.

Are excluded:

  • All persons under 18 years.  
  • AGCO Group employees and their families  
  • Dealers and distributors of AGCO products  & services
  • Employees of companies affiliated with AGCO
  • Agencies and Suppliers engaged by AGCO and the relatives of the respective employees
  • Journalists invited by MASSEY FERGUSON to attend the event

Only one participation per person, per household and agricultural entity, same name, same first name, same address, same phone number, same email address is allowed.

Participation in the game is strictly personal.

The organizing company reserves the right to carry out any controls it deems appropriate.


Article 3 - Terms of participation

Any participant wishing to validate his participation needs to provide the right answer to the quiz post on Facebook.

After selection between the correct answers, one winner will be selected.

By participating, the participant expressly consents to give access to his personal information to be contacted in case of gain by AGCO SAS through the Facebook page or by any other ways (email, phone, ...)


Article 4 - Determination of winners

The draw will take place between 06 September, 2021 and 06 October, 2021 at the offices of AGCO SAS - Massey Ferguson Marketing Department EME in Beauvais – France.

The Massey Ferguson Marketing Department EME in Beauvais will conduct this draw behind closed doors.

The prize kits will be delivered after this date, with a delay depending on Covid context.


Article 5 – Prize

The Trelleborg Quiz contest offers the opportunity to win one prize:

  1. Trelleborg TLC Plus Kit. 
    The Trelleborg TLC Plus is an advanced, sensor-based check-up system, which recommends and measures the right tyre pressure according to your machine’s configuration, for any farming operation.

    Kit value: 399 €.

The draw by lot and in accordance with the participation procedures set out in these terms and conditions will allow one winner to reach the Trelleborg TLC Plus prize kit.

The winner will be contacted by AGCO SAS via email or by another way in order to provide the information required for the prize delivery.

The winner's name will be announced on the Massey Ferguson Facebook page as well on its print & web communication supports.

This prize is non-transferable and cannot be yielded.

The prize may not give rise to any kind of dispute, or be subject to any exchange or surrender of its total or partial value in cash.


Article 6 – Withdrawal of lots

A financial exchange, return or compensation is not permitted in any circumstances.

The organizing company may replace the prizes with another, of equivalent values, if external circumstances prevent awarding the advertised prizes.

The winner will be informed by mail and / or telephone by the organizing company.

The winners have a maximum of four weeks from the date of the draw to accept their prizes.

This is non-negotiable and no cash alternative will be available.

After this delay, the reward will be cancelled.

Monitoring constantly government regulation and legal policies about the sanitary context, Massey Ferguson is going to deliver the prize from 8 weeks after the draw depending on Covid context.


Article 7 - Terms of use & Warranty

The organizers decline all responsibility for all incidents and / or accidents that may occur during the enjoyment of the prize awarded and / or because of its use.

The organizers reserve the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel this operation if the circumstances required, without incurring any liability.

The organizers cannot be held responsible in the case of interruption of service caused by a technical incident of the communication networks or a technical incident beyond their control.

The organizers cannot be held responsible if, for any reason, the competition is partially or completely modified, postponed or cancelled. No compensation can be claimed.

Any illegible, incomplete and counterfeited forms will not be counted.

Therefore, the responsibility of the organizing company cannot be held liable if the forms are not registered or are impossible to check.


Article 8 - Acceptance & Disputes

By entering this game contest, all the participants acknowledge they accept those terms and conditions.

Each participant knows that the intervention of chance can give him no assurance other than that of the expectation of a possible and random gain.

Eventual disputes will be sent to AGCO SAS Legal department – 41 avenue Blaise Pascal – BP 60307 - BEAUVAIS (60026) FRANCE, no later than October 2021 (postmark as proof) directing a letter.

This regulation is under the French law which is the only one applicable.

AGCO SAS - MASSEY FERGUSON EME Marketing department will provide feedback regarding any practical difficulty, interpretation or application request about this Regulation.


Article 9 - Disclosure of the contest terms and conditions

These terms and conditions will be available from AGCO SAS - Marketing Department MASSEY FERGUSON EME - 41, avenue Blaise Pascal - BP 60307 - 60026 Beauvais Cedex on written request.

A participant with an internet connection will not be able to claim any refund, as the participation does not carry any additional cost.


Article 10 – Personal Data Protection

To participate in this contest, participants must necessarily agree that some personal information about themselves will be used by the organizing company for the purpose of managing the contest but also for marketing purposes.

For more information, you can consult our Privacy Policy at the following link:  http://www.agcocorp.com/privacy.html

Each winner agrees without any financial or other compensation to grant to the organizing company the right to use his name, first name, summary indication of his place of residence and photography for all promotional or editorial supports.

In accordance with applicable regulations, you may withdraw in whole or in part at any time and without providing AGCO with any justification.

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion and opposition by e-mail to dataprivacy@agcocorp.com.

The following declaration of consent is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time:

I consent that my contact data (i.e., my name, email address, postal address, telephone number, business contact details, profession and similar information relating to my person), demographic information (i.e., age, gender, location) and data relating to my business enterprise, may be transmitted to AGCO Corporation and its subsidiaries (together, “AGCO”) for marketing, market research and advertising purposes and collected, processed and used for these purposes.

I may therefore receive information about products and services offered by AGCO.

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